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SuperCat Racing Photo Page:

SuperCat Racing in Action during 1999/2000.
Here are some of the best action shots of the 1999/2000 SuperCat Season. Racing has taken place on some of the most spectacular beaches in New Zealand and Australia.

The 1999/2000 "Motor Up" Trans-Tasman Series and 2000 "ETA Ripples" Tri-Nations Series were held on the Gold Coast of Australia. The 2000 NZ "Motor Up" Super Surf Series was staged on New Zealand's Mt Maunganui, Pauanui, Waihi and Whangamata Beaches.

SuperCats are well known for their "Big Air" jumps and incredible sharp turning abilities.

Viko getting vertical

Loretto in form


Penzoil Wheelie

Pacesetter Screenprint

Red Bull

Team Motor Up

Barricade Solutions

Out in front


Cruel Intentions

Close racing

Traffic Control v Fox

Super Surf Series

Soltronic for OZ.

Powered by Yamaha

Getting it right!

Traffic Control


Proven by GEMINI

More close racing

SuperCat Rules

JEEP Wrangler & Cherokee

Not quite right

Face of SuperCat Racing

Tip Top form

Team Coca Cola


A true spectator sport